April 2019

In this issue of EM, you will find articles that focus on emissions of two short-lived climate pollutants—methane and black carbon—in the transport sector and ways to reduce them.

Inside This Month's Issue


Short-Lived Climate Pollutants
Bryan Comer

Methane Emissions in the Transport Sector
by Jori Sihvonen

Addressing Aviation’s Non-Carbon Dioxide Climate Impacts: Time for Action
by Bill Hemmings

The Transition to Zero-Emission Bus Fleets in Megacities
by Ray Minjares and Francisco Posada

Black Carbon and Maritime Shipping: The Long Road to Regulating a Short-Lived Climate Pollutant
by Bryan Comer

Regulating Black Carbon Emissions in International Maritime Shipping: Can Distributed Ledger Technologies Help?
by Thomas L. Brewer

Also This Month...

EPA Research Highlights: Protecting Communities with Safe, Sustainable Materials Management
by Carolyn Pugh
One of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s priorities is advancing sustainable materials management practices, and the management of construction and demolition debris presents a significant opportunity in terms of economic and environmental benefits.

Message from the President: Let’s Talk Models, Measurements, and SLCPs
Michele E. Gehring

In Memoriam: Victor H. Sussman

New for 2019!
Back In Time: April 1999
A look back at this month 20 years ago in EM Magazine.


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