April 2020

Recent policy changes to mileage standards affecting light-duty vehicles in the United States have resulted in increased uncertainty for the automobile industry. At the same time, electric vehicles are growing in popularity and penetration is expected to substantially grow over the next decade. The focus for this month’s issue is the emissions trajectory of the light-duty vehicle sector.

Inside This Month's Issue


Light-Duty Motor Vehicle Emissions
by Justin Walters

What’s Ahead for Light-Duty Motor Vehicle Emissions?
by H. Christopher Frey and Michael P. Walsh

Light-Duty Vehicle Emissions: An Automotive Perspective
by T.J. Wallington, J.E. Anderson, X. He, W.C. Ruona, W. Shen, R. Vogt, and S.L. Winkler

Are Electric Vehicles a Panacea for Reducing Ozone Precursor Emissions?
 Gary A. Bishop

California’s Commitment to the Rapid Transition to Zero-Emission Vehicles is Undeterred
 Alberto Ayala

Also This Month...

PM File: Backlog: An Eye to the Future
by David Elam

A look at backlog and why it is an important metric for environment, health, and safety (EH&S) consulting firms.

Message from the President: Challenges for Cleaner Transportation

Kim Marcus

Back In Time: A&WMA’s Annual Critical Review Turns 50
A look at the 1971 Critical Review, “National Air Quality Standards for Automotive Pollutants” by Heuss, et al.


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