August 2015

In this issue of EM, you will find a discussion of topics related to the increased use of natural gas by all economic sectors, its impact on air quality, potential reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, discussions on proposed regulations, and future fuel replacement trends estimates from the U.S. Department of Energy.

Inside This Month's Issue


Natural Gas Use Benefits
by Jesse Thé

Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions through Increased Use of Natural Gas
by Karin Ritter and Miriam Lev-On

No Rush: A Smarter Role for Natural Gas in Clean Power Plan Compliance
by Carl Linvill, John Shenot, Ken Colburn, Donna Brutkoski, and Camille Kadoch

Environmental Impacts of Unconventional Natural Gas Production
by Venkatesh Uddameri and Sreeram Singaraju

Modeling and Optimization of Natural Gas Liquefaction Process—Energy Storage of Cryogenic Carbon Capture
by Farhad Fazlollahi and Larry Baxter

Also In This Issue

Conference Highlights: India Climate Workshop
by S.K. Dash, M.P. Singh, and S.T. Rao

Etcetera: EPA’s New RCRA Subtitle D Coal Combustion Rules
by Anthony Cavender

IT Insight: Success Strategies for EHS IT
by Jill Barson Gilbert

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