August 2021

This month’s EM is the first of what we hope will become an annual special issue that focuses on the work being done by young professionals (YPs) who are building their resumes in a range of technical areas.


Inside This Month's Issue


Young Professionals Report on Their Developing Areas of Expertise
by Gary Bramble, Lindsay Salvador, and Kerry Weichsel

Performance in a Pandemic: Aerosol Transmission of COVID-19 and Risks for Musicians
by Megan Ginn, University of Cincinnati‚Äč

Air Permitting Options: Case Studies in Flexibility
by Shelley Koehn, 3M Company

A Nationwide Challenge: Lessons from Prolonged Storage of Water Treatment Plant Residuals
by Karin Teuffer, Guernsey

Study: The Feasibility of Floating Solar Arrays at Northern Kentucky Water District
by Leah Dickerson, Sean Clapp, Mary Beth Kappler, and Chase Neville, University of Cincinnati
Also This Month...

Conference Highlights: The Coordinating Research Council’s 30th Real-World Emissions Workshop

by Susan Collet, Dominic DiCicco, Scott Mason, David Choi, Shaokai Gao, Tao Huai, Sam Cao, M. Yusuf Khan, Rada Purushothaman, Matthew Thornton, Diep Vu, and Seungju Yoon

Message from the President: A&WMA Celebrates YP Members
by Brian C. Bunger

In Memoriam: Ron Wyzga (1943-2021)

Back to Basics: ‘Better know your Association’ -- Continuing Education Credits

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