August 2022


This month, EM presents perspectives on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction opportunities and challenges from four different segments of the U.S. economy.


 Inside This Month's Issue


Economywide GHG Emissions Reductions
by Justin Walters

Also This Month...

Waste Management Corner: Economic Analyses of Vapor Intrusion Investigation, Mitigation, and Remediation
by Christopher C. Lutes, Jeffrey D. Minchak, Keri E. Hallberg, and Laurent C. Levy

“Waste Management Corner” regularly expands EM’s content coverage of waste management issues with a special section of waste-themed articles. In this month’s article, the authors delve into vapor intrusion mitigation and remediation.

Message from the President:
Preparing for Change

by Nancy E. Meilahn Fowler

In Memoriam: John D. McKenna (1940–2022)

by Minh Pham and Louis Theodore

EPA Research Highlights: A Roundup of the Latest U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Research

What’s on Tap for 2022?

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