September 2021

 This month’s EM describes some of the insights into air quality modeling that current and former satellite missions have provided and considers what discoveries may yet come from the next generation of satellite instrumentation.


Inside This Month's Issue


New Insights in Air Quality Monitoring Using Satellite Data
by James Cascione

The Four Things to Know about Satellite Data for Air Quality Management
by Tracey Holloway and Jennifer Bratburd‚Äč

The Present and Future of Satellite Observations for U.S. Air Quality Management 
by Ana I. Prados, Jean-Paul Vernier, Bryan Duncan, and
Lok Lamsal

TROPOMI: A Revolutionary New Satellite Instrument Measuring Nitrogen Dioxide Air Pollution
by Daniel L. Goldberg, Susan C. Anenberg, Gaige H. Kerr, Zifeng Lu, and David G. Streets

What Will TEMPO Offer Air Quality Managers?
by Aaron R. Naeger, Michael J. Newchurch, Tom Moore, and Kelly Chance

Leveraging Satellite Data to Address Air Pollution Inequities
by Susan C. Anenberg, Gaige H. Kerr, and Daniel L. Goldberg

Also This Month...

Message from the President: Tracking Air Quality via Satellites
by Brian C. Bunger

Regulatory Roundup: EPA Set to Revisit PM2.5 NAAQS; President Biden Signs Bill Reversing Methane Rollback Regulations

Back to Basics: ‘Better know your Association’ -- Student Programs

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