December 2016

In this issue of EM, you will find a detailed look at emissions, regulations, technology, and environmental management
approaches to manage the environmental concerns of trucks, ships, trains, planes, and their supporting infrastructure.

Inside This Month's Issue


Working to Achieve Sustainable Freight Systems
by James J. Winebrake

A Harmonized Approach for Calculating Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Freight Transportation
by Suzanne Greene and Alan Lewis

No Smoking, Please: The Road to Cleaner Trucks and Buses
by John Koupal

Next-Generation Natural Gas Trucks Provide Near-Zero Emissions
by Erik Neandross

Reducing Emissions from Freight Transportation the ‘SmartWay’
by Cheryl L. Bynum, Chien Sze, and Matthew Payne

Methane Emissions from Natural Gas Use in the Marine Sector
by James Winebrake, James J. Corbett, and Daniel Yuska

Sustainable Ports—Activities to Promote Green Freight Systems through U.S. Ports
by Michael R. Christensen


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