December 2018

Following on from the focus of the September issue, this month’s issue continues the discussion of updates to the U.S. Clean Air Act National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) program, and considers what’s next for NAAQS.

Inside This Month's Issue


What’s Next for the U.S. Ambient Air Quality Standards? Perspectives of Scientists and the Regulated Community
Susan S.G. Wierman

Air Quality and Human Health: The Role of Health Science in Setting National Ambient Air Quality Standards
by Daniel S. Greenbaum and Rashid Shaikh

The New NAAQS Review Process Begins to Take Shape
by Aaron M. Flynn and Lucinda Minton Langworthy

‘Back to Basics’: A Rush to Judgment
by H. Christopher Frey

EM Exclusive
2018 Southern California Ozone Research Symposium (SCORES)
by Susan Collet et al.
Highlights from the Coordinating Research Council and the Truck and Engine Manufacturers Association co-sponsored Southern California Ozone Research Symposium (SCORES), which was held June 6–7, 2018, at the University of California, Riverside. The symposium brought together leading experts from academia, government, and industry to review and discuss the capabilities and limitations of air quality models to simulate air quality trends as observed in the past years and to predict future concentration

Also This Month...

EPA Research Highlights: Studies by ACE Centers Show Populations Impacted by Air Pollution
by Michaela Burns
Recent findings from EPA’s Air, Climate, and Energy (ACE) research centers.

PM File: It’s About Time
David Elam
The first of several columns designed to help members of the environment, health, and safety community better understand the financial aspects of consulting firm operations and management.


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