December 2020


This month, EM provides an update on the status of the current NAAQS review process and possible future changes to the process.

Inside This Month's Issue


U.S. National Ambient Air Quality Standards Review
by Anthony J. Schroeder

CASAC Review of the PM and Ozone NAAQS
by James W. Boylan

Impacts of Ad Hoc Changes to the Science Review Process for U.S. Air Quality Standards
 H. Christopher Frey

The National Ambient Air Quality Standards at 50
 Karen Hays, Robert Hodanbosi, and Jason Sloan

Also This Month...

Waste Management Corner: Beneficial Use of Residues and Byproducts from the Forest-Based Supply Chain 
by Qingshi Tu
In this month’s article, the author explores the beneficial use of byproducts from harvested wood.

PM File: 2020: A Year to Remember or a Year to Forget? 
by David Elam
After what can only be described as one of the most challenging years in history, take a moment to prepare for the new year ahead.

Message from the President: A Dichotomous Year 
by Kim Marcus

Back In Time: A&WMA’s Annual Critical Review Turns 50 
A look at the 2011 Critical Review, “Environmental Issues and Management Strategies for Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment” by Timothy G. Townsend.


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