February 2019

This month’s issue considers some of the challenges facing environmental education and training, associated with environmental education accreditation, distance learning, ethics, entrepreneurship, environmental engineering curriculum, sustainability, and outreach.

Inside This Month's Issue


Challenges in Environmental Education, Training, and Outreach
Ashok Kumar

Online Education in Environmental Engineering: California State University, Fullerton, a Case Study
by Sudarshan Kurwadkar

Environmental Education that Enhances the Global Competency of Early-Career Engineers and Scientists: University of South Florida
by James R. Mihelcic and Maya A. Trotz

Environmental Education at Cleveland State University:
Challenges and Opportunities

by Walter M. Kocher


Also This Month...

EPA Research Highlights: Using EnviroAtlas to Empower Decision-Makers of Today and Tomorrow
by Carolyn Pugh, Jenna Hartley, and Jessica Daniel
How educators and researchers are using EPA’s
EnviroAtlas educational tools and materials to help
extend the classroom outdoors.

Etcetera: The Courts Weigh In on the Management of Coal Combustion Wastes
by Anthony B. Cavender
The management of coal combustion wastes,
principally those wastes generated by coal-fired
power plants, continues to be a controversial topic.

Message from the President: Building By Educating
Michele E. Gehring

New for 2019!
Back In Time: February 2004
A look back at this month 15 years ago in EM Magazine.

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