February 2020

This issue of EM focuses on two current challenges educators face in delivering high-quality environmental education: the ongoing need for curriculum updates, and how to educate the new generation of students.

Inside This Month's Issue


Challenges in Environmental Education: Curriculum and Students
by Ashok Kumar and Susan Wierman

Four Evolutions in Environmental Engineering: Effects on Curricula
by Melanie Sattler

An Introduction to Python Programming for Environmental Professionals
by David Lampert

Are We Ready to Teach Generation Z?
 Zaher Hashisho and Alireza Haghighat Mamaghani

Also This Month...

EPA Research Highlights: STEM Outreach at EPA Provides Opportunities for Students and Teachers
by Melissa Anley-Mills

Etcetera: Supreme Court Revisits and Revises ‘Auer Deference’ with Implications for Environmental Law
by Anthony B. Cavender, Ashleigh Acevedo, and Rebecca Lee

Message from the President: Education 360°

Kim Marcus

Back In Time: A&WMA’s Annual Critical Review Turns 50


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