February 2021

This month, EM examines the maritime shipping industry’s impacts on climate, air quality, water quality, and the broader ocean ecosystem.


Inside This Month's Issue


Maritime Shipping’s Impacts on Air and Water Quality
by Bryan Comer

Impact of Shipping on the Marine Environment
by Ida-Maja Hassellöv and Erik Ytreberg

Marine Shipping Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems, or Scrubbers, Are Anything But ‘Clean’
 Elise Georgeff and Liudmila Osipova

Cruise Ships: Impacts on the Marine Environment and the Case for Performance-Based Regulations
 Kendra Ulrich and Anna Barford

Environmental Impacts of Marine Emissions and Impending Policy Formulation in a Major Indian Port
by Jhumoor Biswas, Anindita Mandal, Zuber Farooqui, and Soma Roychowdhury

Shipping in the Baltic Sea: Assessment of Current and Future Air Quality Implications
by Markus Quante, Matthias Karl, Volker Matthias, Jana Moldanova, and Martin Ramacher

Also This Month...

Message from the President: Increased Member Participation Is Good for the Association’s Health
by Brian C. Bunger

Back to Basics: ‘Better know your Association’—Leadership and Governance

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