February 2022

This month, EM focuses on environmental justice. Once an afterthought, environmental justice is now a major consideration for new governmental, industrial, and transportation activities.


 Inside This Month's Issue


Environmental Justice
by John D. Kinsman

Action in a Pivotal Time for Justice
by Matthew Tejada‚Äč

Centering Environmental Justice in Clean Air
by Miles Keogh

Meeting the Environmental Justice Moment: Proactive Strategies for the Regulated Community

by Alexandra Dapolito Dunn

Engaging Communities through the Clean Energy Transition
by Venu Ghanta

Also This Month...

Message from the President: Big Plans for 2022
by Nancy E. Meilahn Fowler

EPA Research Highlights:
 A Roundup of the Latest U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Research

What’s on Tap for 2022?

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