January 2015

To kick off EM’s 20th year as a stand-alone publication, this issue highlights accomplishments in improving air quality over the past 20 years and looks forward toward future challenges.

Inside This Month's Issue


Progress and Challenges in Air Quality Over the Past 20 Years
by Susan S.G. Wierman

Looking Back at 20 Clean Air Act Cases in the Past 20 Years
by Andrea Bear Field

Photochemical Grid Modeling in the Midwest: A Retrospective
by Rob Kaleel

The Importance of Broad-Based Air Quality Collaboration Efforts
by Theresa Pella

A Scientific Perspective on the Challenges and Opportunities for Multipollutant Approaches to Air Quality Management
by H. Christopher Frey

Also In This Issue

Industry Insight: Improving Data Quality in Participatory Monitoring
by Bob Lordo and Thomas Kelly, Battelle
A look at how environmental managers can help ensure that the data gathered by novices using next-generation air quality sensors meet a minimum standard of quality.

Conference Highlights: The Air Sensors 2014 Workshop
by Amanda Kaufman et al.

EPA Research Highlights: Environmentally Friendly Energy Strategies

Etcetera: Extreme Weather and Its Impact on Environmental Compliance
by Cindy Smiley

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