January 2019

In this issue, you will find a discussion on the release and impact of toxic air contaminants. Air toxics are those compounds that are known to cause cancer or result in other negative health effects.

Inside This Month's Issue


Impacts and Effects of Air Toxics
Brian Noel

Formaldehyde—A Leading Air Toxic
by Stephen Zemba, Lisa Damiano, Heather Little, Jeffrey Doris, and Matthew Estabrooks

Lean-Burn Reduces NOx, but is this Benefit a Formaldehyde Concern?
by Michael T. Lannan and Katherine B. Mears

Air Dispersion Modeling for Historical Community Exposure Reconstruction
by Paul K. Scott, Matthew M. Abramson, Jennifer L. Bare, and Christy A. Barlow

Cadmium and the Portland Moss and Air Quality Study
Published with permission by the U.S. Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station

Also This Month...

Regulatory Roundup: EPA Revises NAAQS Review Process, ‘Good Neighbor’ Guidance
by William H. Haak
EPA’s proposed revisions to the NAAQS process rankles scientists and environmentalists.

Message from the President: Bienvenue à 2019
Michele E. Gehring
The first installment from A&WMA's new president.

New for 2019!
Back In Time: January 1999
A look back at this month 20 years ago in EM Magazine.


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