January 2021

This month, EM explores the air quality assessment work done in communities across the United States.


Inside This Month's Issue


Air Quality Assessment at the Community Level​
by Zuber Farooqui

Air Quality Trends Assessment: A Case Study of the Air Quality Index and Village Green Project Trends in Chicago
by Elizabeth Mannshardt, Kristen Benedict, Ron Evans, Lingjie Wang, Ron Williams, Marta Fuoco, Sue Kimbrough, Gayle Hagler, Susan Stone, and Phil Dickerson​

Co-Leading with Community: The Future of Air Quality Planning​
 Kristen Law, Dan Alrick, Henry Hilken, Wendy Goodfriend, Stephen Reid, Christianne Riviere, Elizabeth Yura, Katherine Hoag, Raynee Chiang, and Phil Martien​

Advancing Source Apportionment Techniques at the Community Level: Air Rangers Case Study​
 Julia Luongo, Justin Bandoro, Kurt Richman, and Shari Beth Libicki​

Assessing Air Quality Impacts at the Community Scale: A West Oakland Case Study
by Stephen Reid, Phil Martien, David Holstius, Bonyoung Koo, Yiqin Jia, James Cordova, Virginia Lau, Annie Seagram, Yuan Du, and Minh Nguyen

Also This Month...

Regulatory Roundup: Incoming Administration Prepares to Rebuild Environmental Regulatory Framework
by William H. Haak

Shift in focus: The Trump Administration issues its likely final guidance reversing Obama-era regulations, while the incoming Biden Administration prepares to rebuild the U.S. Clean Air Act’s regulatory framework.

Message from the President: Recalibrating and Looking Forward to the Year Ahead
by Brian C. Bunger

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