January 2022


In case you missed them the first time around, this month’s issue spotlights some of the best topics and articles that have appeared in EM over the past two years.


 Inside This Month's Issue


The Best of EM 2020 and 2021
by Teresa Raine and Bryan Comer

Sources and Exposures to PFAS in the Environment – From May 2020
by Nadine Weinberg and Maureen Leahy‚Äč

The Unpredicted Speed Bump: What Impact Will COVID-19 Have on Global Climate Change Objectives and Progress? – From July 2020 
by Michele Gehring

The National Ambient Air Quality Standards at 50 – From December 2020
Karen Hays, Robert Hodanbosi, and Jason Sloan

Marine Shipping Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems, or Scrubbers, Are Anything But ‘Clean’ – From February 2021

by Elise Georgeff and Liudmila Osipova

Intermittent Renewables Enabled by a Hydrogen Economy – From May 2021
by Noah Meeks and Justin Walters

Air Quality Impacts from the COVID-19 Restrictions Across the United States – From July 2021
by Brett Gantt, Joe Mangino, David Mintz, and Liz Naess

Also This Month...

NEW FOR 2022!
Climate Change Perspectives: COP 26 Reflections
by Miriam Lev-On and Perry Lev-On
Message from the President: Journey into 2022—Are we there yet?
by Nancy E. Meilahn Fowler

EPA Research Highlights: A Roundup of the Latest U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Research

In Memoriam: Remembering S. Trivikrama Rao

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