January 2023

This month, EM presents our annual special issue that focuses on the work being done by young professionals.


 Inside This Month's Issue


Welcome to Our Annual YP Issue
by Nadine de Bruyn, 
chair of the Young Professionals Advisory Council (YPAC) Publications Committee
This month, EM presents our annual special issue that focuses on the work being done by young professionals (YPs—A&WMA identifies YPs as aged 35 or younger). Three articles are presented here. The first article was solicited especially for this issue, while the other two were YP Best Paper Winners at A&WMA’s 2022 Annual Conference & Exhibition.

Challenges and Successes with Low Carbon Fuel Standard Programs
by Parastoo Ali Pour
A detailed look at the California Low Carbon Fuel Standard clean fuel program.

The Repurposing and Research of Tires into a Useable Concrete Mixture

by Brian D. Gallagher, Owen M. Breisch, Andrew R. Slusser, and Saritha Karnae

A look at the repurposing of granulated tires into a new, usable concrete mixture in order to help reduce their improper disposal.

Estimating GHG Reduction from Batteries 

Kaitlyn Watkins
An analysis of displaced emissions from large-scale battery projects.

Also This Month...

Message from the President: Focusing on Members, Inclusivity, and Meetings 
by Jordan M. Haywood

EPA Research Highlights Roundup 

A roundup of the latest U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) research.

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