July 2015

In this issue of EM, you will find a discussion of the latest science and policy issues that will inform the next review of secondary air quality standards for nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides.

Inside This Month's Issue


Protecting Public Welfare: Assessing Science on NOx and SOx Effects
by Prakash Doraiswamy

Impact of Sulfur Dioxide and Nitrogen Oxides Emissions Reductions on Acidic Deposition in the United States
by Christopher M.B. Lehmann, Brian M. Kerschner, and David A. Gray

Reactive Nitrogen Monitoring Gaps: Issues, Activities, and Needs
by Bret A. Schichtel and John T. Walker

Connecting Nitrogen Deposition and Final Ecosystem Goods and Services for Air Quality Standards Review

by Jana E. Compton, Dixon Landers, and Dan Sobota

Also In This Issue

Conference Highlights: The Coordinating Research Council 2015 Mobile Source Air Toxics Workshop
Susan Collet, S. Kent Hoekman, Eileen McCauley, and Timothy J. Wallington

Asian Connections: Bolstering Cities’ Role in the Fight Against Air

by Ritchie (Chee) Anne Roño

EPA Research Highlights: Advancing Ways to Clean Up Drinking Water Systems

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