July 2019

In this issue of EM, you will find a discussion of policy-relevant research needed to better understand emissions, air concentrations, and deposition of reactive nitrogen in the United States.

Inside This Month's Issue


Improving Nitrogen Deposition Budgets for Ecosystem Assessments in the United States
John T. Walker

Evolution of Monitoring and Modeling of Reactive Nitrogen Deposition in the United States
John T. Walker and Greg M. Beachley

Long-Term Trends in Reactive Nitrogen Deposition in the United States
Greg M. Beachley, Chris M. Rogers, Tom F. Lavery, John T. Walker, and Melissa A. Puchalski

Need for Improved Monitoring of Spatial and Temporal Trends of Reduced Nitrogen
Melissa A. Puchalski, John T. Walker, Gregory M. Beachley, Mark A. Zondlo, Katherine B. Benedict, Richard H. Grant, Bret A. Schichtel, Christopher M. Rogers, April B. Leytem, Joann Rice, Kristi Morris, James J. Schauer, and Rui Wang

Also This Month...

Conference Highlights
Highlights from the Coordinating Research Council’s 2019 Mobile Source Air Toxics Workshop
by Susan Collet, S. Kent Hoekman, Seungju Yoon, and Timothy J. Wallington

Highlights from the Coordinating Research Council’s 29th Real-World Emissions Workshop
Susan Collet, Dominic DiCicco, Scott Mason, Megan Beardsley, Naveen Berry, Tom Long, Tao Huai, Matthew Thornton, Radha Purushothaman, Shirish Shimpi, and Seungju Yoon

Message from the President: Advancing Our Understanding of Reactive Nitrogen Deposition
Michele E. Gehring

Back In Time: July 1999

A look back at this month 20 years ago in EM Magazine.


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