July 2020


This month’s focus topic addresses climate change policy questions, such as what have leading nations such as the United States, China, and India accomplished to date, and what is their climate commitment for the future? And how might future climate policy directly affect members?

Inside This Month's Issue


Climate Change Policy: A World of Varying Approaches
by Gary M. Bramble

China Climate Change Policies and Progress
by David Heitz and Kevin S. Leahy

Climate Resilient India
by Keerthi Palanisamy and S. Rao Chitikela

Pennsylvania’s Climate Policy Roadmap
 Megan Uhler

Understanding and Navigating Climate Change Philosophy in Oklahoma
 Ken Senour

The Unpredicted Speed Bump: What Impact Will COVID-19 Have on Global Climate Change Objectives and Progress?
 Michele E. Gehring

Also This Month...

Waste Management Corner
In this month’s article, the authors
discuss landfill mining as a means to extend the capacity of existing landfills.

Landfill Mining: A Step Toward Sustainable Landfills
 MD Sahadat Hossain and Melanie Sattler

Regulatory Roundup: Interpretation for NSR Permitting; EPA Cuts Legs Out from Under MATS
by William H. Haak

YP Perspective: COVID-19 vs. Climate Change
by Patrik Eskandari

Message from the President: Adaptation and Climate Change

Kim Marcus

Back In Time: A look at the 1995 Critical Review, “Measurement Methods to Determine Compliance with Ambient Air Quality Standards for Suspended Particles” by J.C. Chow


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