July 2021

This month, EM considers topics related to the COVID-19 pandemic, most notably, experiences and lessons learned from federal and state policies addressing regulatory flexibility, compliance, enforcement, monitoring, permitting, and reporting.


Inside This Month's Issue


Facing up to COVID-19
by Richard Wayland and John Kinsman

Air Quality Impacts from the COVID-19 Restrictions Across the United States
Brett Gantt, Joe Mangino, David Mintz, and Liz Naess‚Äč

Examining the Intersection of Air Pollution Exposure and COVID-19: Opportunities and Challenges for Research
 Hanna Boogaard, Eva Tanner, Eleanne D.S. van Vliet, Dan L. Crouse, Allison P. Patton, and Pallavi Pant

State Environmental Agencies Step Up to Pandemic Challenges
by Donald S. Welsh

Aftermarket Defeat Devices during a Global Respiratory Pandemic
by Evan Belser

Also This Month...

New Jersey’s Environmental Justice Law: A Potential Model for EJ National Focus

by Chris Whitehead and Matthew Karmel
A close look at New Jersey’s Environmental Justice Law, which is lauded as one of the most comprehensive in the United States and is being considered as a potential national model.

Regulatory Roundup: Following a Short Break-Up, the United States Rejoins the Paris Climate Accord; EPA Proposes Regulations to Phase Down HFC Usage
by William H. Haak

Message from the President: Virtual Meeting Success and Positive COVID-19 News Generate Optimism
by Brian C. Bunger

Back to Basics: ‘Better know your Association’ -- Honors & Awards


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