July 2022

This month, EM focuses on the air quality status in four different countries around the world and emphasizes the international partnerships that have helped build capacity in air quality monitoring and management in these countries.


 Inside This Month's Issue


International Air Quality Capacity Building
by Prakash Doraiswamy and Golam Sarwar

by Ranil Dhammapala, Ashani Basnayake, and Karen Mera
by Golam Sarwar, Barron Henderson, Richard Baldauf, and Pawan Gupta
bAmy Zimpfer, Deo Okure, Jennifer Kutesakwe, and Anondo Mukherjee

Integrating Satellite and Sensor Measurements to Understand Urban Air Quality: A Case Study of PM2.5 in Asunción, Paraguay
by Lauren Prox, Guillermo Pallarolas Rodríguez Alcalá, John Kerekes, Yuwei Zhou, Marion Lang, and Richard W. Baldauf

Also This Month...

Message from the President: A Global Conversation Around Air Quality
by Nancy E. Meilahn Fowler

Climate Change Perspectives: Climate Change Mitigation

by Miriam Lev-On and Perry Lev-On

EPA Research Highlights:
 A Roundup of the Latest U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Research

What’s on Tap for 2022?

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