June 2018

In this issue of EM, you will find a discussion of road-based transportation, exploring three distinct intersections between mobile sources and the environment: compliance, balancing energy drivers, and estimating impacts.

Inside This Month's Issue


Transportation: The Road Ahead
Teresa Raine and Brian Noel

What Compliance Lessons Can We Learn from Volkswagen’s Diesel Emissions Scandal?
by William H. Haak

Electric Cars and their Impact on U.S. Climate Change and the Texas Petroeconomy
by Brian P. Flynn and Jennifer K. Kelley

MOVES: A Mobile Source Emissions Modeling Overview
by Jeremy Heiken, Mark Hixson, and Jim Lyons

A Summary of the 48th Annual A&WMA Critical Review: Trends in Onroad Transportation Energy and Emissions
by H. Christopher Frey

Coming next month...
Following on from the focus of this month’s topic and the 48th Annual A&WMA Critical Review, Drs. Dan Sterling and Austin Brown offer their perspective on the future of transportation with an insight into the three revelations of modern passenger transport: electrification, pooling, and automation. Look for this article in the July issue of EM.

Also This Month...

PM File: Project Management Relies on Effective Use of Voluntary Consensus Standards
by David Elam
As seasoned EH&S project managers know, the selection, application, and verification of voluntary consensus standards to projects can be quite challenging.

YP Perspective: Sustainability Implications of Enhanced in situ Bioremediation Implementation
by Michael Cheatham, Warren Brady, and Brent Lazenby
The authors use a sustainability analysis to quantify greenhouse gas emissions associated with the implementation of enhanced in situ bioremediation for contaminated groundwater as an alternative to an extended period of monitored natural attenuation.

Message from the President: A Critical Look at Transportation
by Chris Nelson

In Memoriam: Professor Tim C. Keener (1948–2018)


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