June 2014

In this issue of EM, you will a discussion of state perspectives on climate change, highlighting their actions on a variety of issues.

Inside This Month's Issue


State Perspectives on Climate Change: The Evolution of Climate Change Policies and Programs
by Miriam Lev-On

Greenhouse Gas Controls and the States
by Brian C. Murray and Jonas J. Monast

California’s Climate Change Solution: An Integrated Model
by Edie Chang and Steven Cliff

California’s Comprehensive Approach to Climate Change: The Pivotal Role of Research
by Guido Franco, Louise Bedsworth, and Amber Pairis

California’s Local Air Districts Collaborate and Share Climate Protection Resources, Tools, and Programs
by Barbara Lee

Compliance with Flexibility: State Approaches to Reduce GHG Emissions from Existing Power Plants
by Brian Keaveny and Paul Miller

Toward a Climate Market in Mexico
by Soffia Alarcon-Diaz and Elizabeth Mosqueda-Rodriguez

Also In This Issue

A Summary of the 44th Annual A&WMA Critical Review on Public Health and Components of Particulate Matter: The Changing Assessment of Black Carbon
by Thomas J. Grahame, Rebecca Klemm, and Richard B. Schlesinger
In the 44th Annual A&WMA Critical Review, the authors trace how black carbon and correlated emissions went from a seemingly “invisible” pollutant to one viewed by many as one of the most harmful fine particulate matter species. The full-length review appears in the June 2014 issue of the Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association. A brief summary appears here.

IT Insight: Can Tablets Improve Business Productivity?
by Jill Barson Gilbert

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