June 2021

 This month, EM considers the persistence of emerging chemical contaminants of concern in the environment and the developing regulatory and compliance strategies to control them.


Inside This Month's Issue


PFAS: Present and Future
by Teresa Raine

Finding PFAS: Behind the Headlines
Kathleen Sellers‚Äč

PFAS Developments and Strategies: Ounces of Prevention or Pounds of Cure?
 Joel Eagle

Promising Solutions for PFAS Destruction Are Here Now
by Steve Rosansky and Dan Longbrake

Study of a Sawdust-Based Resin for PFAS Removal from Water Systems
by Yu Zhang, Carissa Nead, Graci Doll, Canaan Harrison, Mingming Lu, and Maobing Tu

A Summary of the 51st Annual A&WMA Critical Review: PFOA and Cancer
by Scott M. Bartell and Verónica M. Vieira


Also This Month...

Waste Management Corner: Renewable Natural Gas and the Implications for Waste Management Hierarchies

by Luke Teal and Jeffrey Doris
In this month’s article, the authors consider the implications of carbon emissions profiles for the landfill industry.

PM File: Expanding Project Summaries to Include Environmental Attributes
by David L. Elam

Message from the President: ACE 2021: Fully Virtual and Interactive Program
by Brian C. Bunger

Back to Basics: ‘Better know your Association’ -- Publications Committees


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