March 2017

In this issue of EM, you will find a discussion of the “waste” side of the Air & Waste Management Association, with insights on waste-themed issues ranging from waste prevention to more sustainable landfill design and operations.

Inside This Month's Issue


Solid Waste Management: Spotlight on Best Practices
by David Minott

Industrial Waste Exchange—Help in Getting to Sustainable Operations
by Ashley Sapyta, Mike Marcus, and Jonathan Locklair

The Role of Landfills in the Hierarchy of Waste—The Foundation Holding Up the Pyramid
Edward Galvin and Eric Steinhauser

Elevated Temperature Landfills— Challenges Facing the Solid Waste Community
by Nicholas Yafrate and Scott Luettich

Landfill Gas Generation and Emission Models: Model Options for Recovery System Design and Greenhouse Gas Inventories
by Melanie Sattler and Arpita Bhatt

Landfills and Air Emissions: The Clock Has Started for Compliance with New Federal Regulations
by David Greene

What’s the Best Way to Manage Landfill Gas? From an Environmental Perspective
by Lisa Damiano and Stephen Zemba

Also This Month...

PM File: Preventing Scope Creep
by David L. Elam, Jr.
One of the challenges that all project managers face is preventing “scope creep,” which can be defined as the uncontrolled expansion of project scope without adjustments to time, cost, and resources.


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