March 2018

In this issue of EM, you will find the first in a two-part series that spotlights new developments concerning the sustainable management of waste, landfills, and contaminated soils. Look for Part Two next month.

Inside This Month's Issue


Sustainable Waste Management: What’s New?
by David H. Minott

Dirt Is Dirt, Right?
by Tim Haley and Tammy Helminski

Lost in Transition: Where Do the New Landfill Air Regulations Stand?
by David Greene

Reuse of Contaminated Soils as Alternate Daily Cover at Landfills: A Risk to Workers?
by Stephen Zemba and David Adams

Site-Redevelopment for Commercial Expansion Using Plastic-Dome Forms for Aerated Floor Construction
by Deran Pursoo, Dave Folkes, and Ted Kuehster

Waste Management: A Key Player for Improving Sustainability of the Food–Energy–Water Nexus
by Qingshi Tu, David Palmer, and Ting Lu

Also This Month...

New for 2018
Regulatory Roundup: Could EPA’s Proposed Rollback of
Air Standards for ‘Glider’ Trucks Portend Changes for
Other Mobile Source Air Regulations?

by William Haak
This new bimonthly column highlights key changes to the U.S. regulatory landscape.

EPA Research Highlights: Novel Air Measurement Technology Supports Smoke Management Practices for Prescribed Burns
by Ann Brown

PM File: Order and Sequencing
by David Elam

YP Perspective: Taking a Step Forward in Your Career:
Facing Fears and Managing Risk

by Chris Whitehead


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