March 2019

In this issue of EM, you will find articles highlighting a variety of waste-themed topics. Readers are first brought up to speed on a major crisis disrupting recycling efforts throughout the United States and Canada. Then, we explore newly emerging concerns over risks to air quality and ground water from landfill operations, and how to address those risks.

Inside This Month's Issue


Waste Prevention, Recycling, and Management
David Minott

The Precarious State of Recycling as China Closes its Doors to Imports
Susan Robinson

The Changing Dynamics for Recycling in the United States
Marc Rogoff, Jeremy Morris, and Bill Gaffigan

Siloxanes in the Waste Stream—Environmental and Financial Impacts
Matthew Estabrooks and Stephen Zemba

Landfill Gas-to-Energy—Evaluating Level of Risk from Formaldehyde Emissions
Heather Little and Stephen Zemba

Landfills—Be Aware of Emerging Contaminants!
Stephen Zemba, Russell Abell, and Harrison Roakes

Also This Month...

PM File: Multiplying Consulting Firm Success
by David Elam
A look at how environmental consulting firms develop billing rates for project staff using direct and indirect costs.

Regulatory Roundup: Proposed Changes to ‘Co-Benefits,’ ‘Ambient Air,’ and ‘Once In, Always In’
by William Haak
The management of coal combustion wastes, principally those wastes generated by coal-fired power plants, continues to be a controversial topic. A summary of recent policy changes with potentially far-reaching impacts on the way EPA regulates the pollutant emissions under the U.S. Clean Air Act.

Message from the President: Spotlight on Waste
Michele E. Gehring

New for 2019!
Back In Time: March 2009
A look back at this month 10 years ago in EM Magazine.


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