March 2020

This issue of EM offers readers five articles providing insight into important, recent developments in waste prevention and management.

Inside This Month's Issue


Waste Prevention, Recycling, and Management
by David H. Minott

Recycling Industry in Transition—An Update
by Susan Robinson

Renewable Natural Gas: The Future of Energy Recovery from Landfill Gas
by Lisa Damiano and Heather Little

Pipeline-Quality Landfill Gas: Renewed Interest for Your Landfill?
 David Greene and Eric Peterson

What Building Managers Need to Know About Soil Gas Mitigation Systems
 Laurent Levy and Christopher Lutes

Cement Encapsulation of PFAS present in Landfill Leachate
 Paul Ruehl

Also This Month...

EPA Research Highlights: Decision Support Tools for Disaster Debris and Waste Management
by Emily Snyder, et al.

An overview of EPA’s suite of waste management and disposal decision-support and planning tools.

Regulatory Roundup: How the U.S. Supreme Court Could Dramatically Alter the Environmental Regulatory Landscape by Embracing the ‘Non-Delegation Doctrine’
by William H. Haak
As 2020 opened, astute U.S. Supreme Court watchers turned their attention from the long talked about future of “Chevron deference” to the suddenly real possibility that the entirety of administrative law could be upended.

Message from the President: Waste Management in the United States

Kim Marcus

Back In Time: A&WMA’s Annual Critical Review Turns 50


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