March 2021


This month, EM examines important, recent developments in waste prevention and management.


Inside This Month's Issue


Waste Prevention, Recycling, and Management
by David H. Minott

Conducting a Feasibility Analysis for a Proposed Waste-to-Energy Project in Alaska
Marc J. Rogoff, Mark Spafford, Kurt Vause, and Bill Gaffigan

When the Air Inspector Comes to the Landfill: How to Turn an Inspection into a Welcome Visit
 David Greene

Your Tomorrow’s Waste Technology Today
 David Hostetter, Sam Rice, Joy Stephens, and Chris Woloszyn

Renewable Natural Gas, Part 1: Product Quality Verification is Fundamental to Commercialization of Biogas from Waste Streams
by David Elam and Thomas Dunder

Sustainability in the Waste and Recycling Industry: From Main Street to Wall Street
by Susan Robinson

Also This Month...

Regulatory Roundup: Opposing EPA Rulemakings in First-Quarter 2021
by William H. Haak

Message from the President: The Diversity and Complexity of Waste Management Issues
by Brian C. Bunger

Back to Basics: ‘Better know your Association’—Education Council


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