May 2014

In this issue of EM, you will find the perspectives of several stakeholders concerning the U.S. Clean Air Act Regional Haze Program.

Inside This Month's Issue


‘I Can See Clearly Now’: Implementing the Regional Haze Rules
by John D. Kinsman and C.V. Mathai

The Regional Haze Program: Protecting America’s Natural Legacy
by Steve Page and Martha Keating

Implementation of the Regional Haze Rule
by Patricia Brewer, Don Shepherd, Susan Johnson, Bret Schichtel, and Jenny Hand

The Want and Need for Clean Air in National Parks Is Alive and Well
by Stephanie Kodish and Rebecca Walsh

Regional Haze and the San Juan Generating Station
by Pat Vincent-Collawn and Maureen Gannon

Litigating Regional Haze: Answers—and Questions—from the Most Recent Court Decisions
by Norman W. Fichthorn and Aaron M. Flynn

Also In This Issue

PM File: Every Day Counts
by David Elam, Jr.
Managing "Days Sales Outstanding" (DSO) is an important aspect of consulting fi rm management that can be controlled
by project managers.

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