May 2021


This month, EM considers the current landscape and future role of renewable generation deployment in the United States.


Inside This Month's Issue


The Increasing Role of Renewable Energy
by Justin T. Walters

The Current State of Renewable Energy for Electricity
Wesley Cole, Trieu Mai, John Bistline, and David Young‚Äč

The Outlook for Wind and Solar Deployment: Drivers and Constraints
 David Young, John Bistline, Trieu Mai, and Wesley Cole

The Electric Storage Landscape Is Rapidly Changing
by Will Frazier and Nate Blair

The Emerging Role of Energy Storage in the Clean Energy Transition
by Marc Chupka

Intermittent Renewables Enabled by a Hydrogen Economy
by Noah D. Meeks and Justin T. Walters

Renewable Natural Gas, Part 2: Advancing the Value of Renewable Natural Gas Derived from Biogas through Low-Carbon Fuels Programs
by Thomas Dunder, David Elam, and Angela Gordon
[Part 1 appeared in the March issue]

Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOGs): A Potential Feedstock for Renewable Diesel
by Andres Mata, Esther Hughes, and Mingming Lu

Also This Month...

Message from the President: Renewed Interest in Renewable Energy
by Brian C. Bunger

Regulatory Roundup: States Sue EPA Over 2020 MACT Rule; Biden-Era EPA to Change Course on Environment
by William Haak

Back to Basics: ‘Better know your Association’ -- Young Professional Advisory Council (YPAC)

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