October 2013

In this issue of EM, you will find a range of perspectives from regulators, the regulated industry, and nongovernmental organizations on what needs to be accomplished in the years ahead to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and how.

Inside This Month's Issue


Diverse Perspectives on Climate Change Actions
by Miriam Lev-On and John Kinsman

Key EPA Actions under the President’s National Climate Action Plan
by Janet McCabe

Streamlining GHG Permitting
by Howard J. Feldman

U.S. Progress on Climate Change
by Thomas D. Peterson

Climate Change Policy: If it were easy, it would have
already been done

by Skiles W. Boyd

U.S. Cutting Carbon Pollution from Our Nation’s Power Plants
by Starla Yeh

How the National Climate Plan Can Get Us There
by Kristin Meek and Nicholas Bianco

A Case Study on How Climate Change Became a Driving Force in Shaping Business Strategy
by CLP Group

Also In This Issue

EPA Research Highlights: Climate Research at EPA
by Megan Maguire

IT Insight: Making the Case for EH&S Software
by Jill Barson Gilbert

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