October 2018

In this issue of EM, you will find a discussion of recent advances in air quality modeling, from air dispersion models to next-generation chemical transport models.

Inside This Month's Issue


Advances in Air Quality Modeling
Leiran Biton and Golam Sarwar

An Overview of the AERMOD Update and Development Plan
by R. Chris Owen and George M. Bridgers

Meteorological Wind Tunnels and Dispersion Model Development
by David Heist and Steven Perry

Advances Toward More Accurate Modeling of Moist Plume Rise
Laura Warren and Robert Paine

SCICHEM: An Alternative Photochemical Model to Calculate Single Source Impacts on Ozone and Fine Particulate Matter
Prakash Karamchandani, Ralph Morris, Greg Yarwood, Bart Brashers, Douglas Henn, Ian Sykes, Eladio Knipping, and Naresh Kumar

The New Generation of Air Quality Modeling Systems
by Jonathan Pleim, David Wong, Robert Gilliam, Jerry Herwehe, Russell Bullock, Christian Hogrefe, George Pouliot, Limei Ran, Ben Murphy, Daiwen Kang, Wyat Appel, Rohit Mathur, and Elaine Hubal

Advancing Air Quality Forecasting to Protect Human Health
Daniel Tong and Youhua Tang

Also This Month...

EPA Research Highlights: Air Sensors 2018: Deliberating Performance Targets Workshop
by Ron Williams, Vasu Kilaru, and Kristen Benedict
A summary of highlights and outcomes from EPA’s Air Sensors 2018 Workshop.

Message from the President: Building an Online A&WMA Learning Platform
by Chris Nelson

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