October 2022

This month, EM highlights the effects of transportation emissions on air quality and discusses some of the policies to reduce emissions in order to improve future air quality.


 Inside This Month's Issue


Transportation and Future Air Quality

by Zuber Farooqui

The Future of Transportation and Air Quality 
by Zuber Farooqui and Jhumoor Biswas

Are Vehicle Emissions Going to Zero?

Jim Lyons

Good Policy Will Drive Electric Vehicle Adoption: We Need to Get This Right 

Evan Belser and Chris Whitehead

Envisioning the Benefits of a Zero-Emission Transportation Future
Seth Hartley, Will Barrett, Anna Belova, Laura Kate Bender, Paul G. Billings, Tyler LaBerge, Mike McQueen, Kate Munson, Sam Pournazeri, and Ajo Rabemiarisoa

Also This Month...

Climate Change Perspectives: Rules of the Game for Enhanced Transparency of National Climate Reporting
by Miriam and Perry Lev-On

An overview of the Enhanced Transparency Framework, which is designed to help monitor and track global contributions toward climate goals.

Message from the President: The Future of Transportation, the Environment, and A&WMA

by Nancy E. Meilahn Fowler

What’s on Tap for 2022 (and Beyond)?

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