September 2014

In this issue of EM, you will find a discussion of the efforts of NASA’s DISCOVER-AQ mission.

Inside This Month's Issue


DISCOVER-AQ Advancing Strategies for Air Quality Observations in the Next Decade
by James Crawford and Kenneth Pickering

DISCOVER-AQ: Observations and Early Results
by James Crawford, Russell Dickerson, and Jennifer Hains

Improvements to the WRF-CMAQ Modeling System for Fine-Scale Air Quality Simulations
by K. Wyat Appel et al.

Chesapeake Bay Breeze: Enhancement of Air Pollution Episodes and Boundary Layer Venting
by Ryan Stauffer, Christopher Loughner, and Anne Thompson

Can Surface Air Quality Be Estimated from Satellite Observations of Trace Gases?
by Clare Flynn et al.

The Benefit of Historical Air Pollution Emissions Reductions during Extreme Heat
by Christopher Loughner, Bryan Duncan, and Jennifer Hains

Air Quality Forecasting Guides Flight Plans during DISCOVER-AQ
by Kenneth Pickering and Pius Lee

Unique Perspectives from the DISCOVER-AQ Deployments
by James Crawford, et al.

Also In This Issue

EPA Research Highlights: The Citizen Science Toolbox
by Amanda Kaufman, Ann Brown, Tim Barzyk, and Ron Williams
The development of the Citizen Science Toolbox is filling a vital niche in helping to advance environmental air quality monitoring for a wide variety of purposes.

PM File: Improve Document Generation Efficiency with Revision and Version Control
by David Elam, Jr.
Simple, consistent document control practices are central to quality management documentation and ultimately a project’s success.

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