September 2015

In this issue of EM, you will find an examination of various aspects of reactive nitrogen and potential management approaches, both from a North American and European perspective.

Inside This Month's Issue


Chain reaction: A Detailed Look at Reactive Nitrogen and Possible Management Approaches
by Christian Hogrefe

Managing Nitrogen Pollution in the United States: A Success, a Challenge, and an Action Plan
by James Galloway, Thomas Theis, and Otto Doering

Reactive Nitrogen Emissions from Agricultural Operations
by Alan Rotz and April Leytem

Nitrogen Pollution in the EU: Best Management Strategies, Regulations, and Science Needs
by Wilfried Winiwarter, Bruna Grizzetti, and Mark Sutton

Impacts of Nitrogen Pollution on Terrestrial Ecosystems in the United States
by L.H. Pardo, T. Blett, C.M. Clark, and L.H. Geiser

Trends in EU Nitrogen Deposition and Impacts on Ecosystems
by Jan Willem Erisman et al.

Modeling Reactive Nitrogen in North America: Recent Developments, Observational Needs, and Future Directions
by Jesse Bash et al.

Also In This Issue

EPA Research Highlights: Pollution-Sensing Benches Provide Local Air Measurements
by Ann Brown

PM File: Laying the Groundwork for Successful Negotiations
by David Elam

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