September 2019

In this issue of EM, you will find examples of public and private sector responses to the impacts of climate change, which is already affecting decision-making by environmental managers.

Inside This Month's Issue


Climate Change Impacts
Ali Farnoud

SA Climate Ready! A Case Study for Inclusive Action & Adaptation
by Julia Murphy

An Overview of R22 Refrigerant Substitution in China
by Min Zhang, Mingming Lu, and Yanmei Zhou

Improved Monitoring, Prediction, and Decision Support for California Storms
Jake Spaulding and Jennifer Krebs

Waste Management and Groundwater Remediation as the Climate Changes
by Scott D. Warner

Also This Month...

EPA Research Highlights: Research to Advance Community Resilience
by Carolyn Pugh, et al.

Regulatory Roundup: ACE Rule Portends a Return to Pre-1970 Regulation of Air Pollution; New Rule Seeks to Formalize Reversal of ‘Once In, Always In’ Policy
by William H. Haak

Conference Highlights: Highlights from the 2018 Northern Transportation and Air Quality Summit Meeting
by Kevin Black, et al.

Message from the President: Climate Change and A&WMA
Michele E. Gehring

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