September 2020


This month’s focus topic examines the transportation sector’s progress toward zero emission fuels, buses, ships, and airplanes.

Inside This Month's Issue


Zero Emission Transportation
by Bryan Comer

Alternative Fuels: A Solution to Transport Decarbonization or Not?
by Yuanrong Zhou

Removing the Infrastructure Barrier to Owning an Electric Vehicle
 Michael Nicholas

Zero Emission Buses on the Charge: Opportunities and Strategies
 Yihao Xie

Wind Propulsion: A Breath of Fresh Air in the Delivery of Zero Emissions Vessels
 Gavin Allwright

Electric Planes: In Search of Zero Emission Aviation
 Dale Hall

Also This Month...

PM File: Meeting Challenges Revisited during a Pandemic
by David Elam

Regulatory Roundup: Conflicting Court Decisions Call into Question EPA’s Interpretation of the Term ‘Applicable Requirements’ in Title V Permitting
by William H. Haak

YP Perspective: The Case for a Post-COVID-19 Electric Vehicle Charging Station Boom
by Christopher Cavaiola

Message from the President: Pivoting Toward a Decarbonized Future

Kim Marcus

Back In Time: A look at the 2007 Critical Review, "Will the Circle Be Unbroken—A History of the U.S. National Ambient Air Quality Standards" by John D. Bachmann


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