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Montrose Environmental: The Future of Environmental Solutions. Dealing with the logistics and implications of environmental issues is vital. Typically, however, it’s also complicated, time-consuming, and expensive. At Montrose, we know there’s a better way. Employing 1,400 employees in over 60 locations, our innovative business model, focus on environmental solutions, and integrated approach to design, engineering, and operations can put you well ahead of the curve by applying the latest technologies in practical ways to solve difficult environmental challenges today – and prepare for what’s coming tomorrow. From lab services to stack testing to regulatory compliance, we’re helping clients blaze new trails. 

At ECT2, we believe the world needs better ways to treat PFAS. As a leading provider of technology solutions that remove PFAS from water, our patented, cost-effective approach enables efficient contaminant removal and on-site regeneration. As a global solutions provider, we understand tough challenges demand smart solutions, and we’re ready to help. For more information, visit our website at 

Enthalpy Analytical, LLC (“Enthalpy”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Montrose Environmental Group, Inc., (“Montrose”) providing environmental laboratory services as part of Montrose’s Measurement and Analysis division. Enthalpy operates a network of accredited laboratories across the United States that specialize in analysis of air, soil, water, and sediment. For more information, visit Enthalpy Analytical at
Platinum Sponsors


374Water is a global cleantech, social impact company whose mission is to preserve a clean and healthy environment that sustains life. We are pioneering a new era of sustainable waste management using supercritical water oxidation that supports a circular economy and enables organizations to achieve their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and sustainability goals. Learn more by visiting 

Spectrum Environmental Solutions is a technology leader in optical analytical techniques. We provide customized solutions using Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy, ultraviolet (UV), tunable diode laser (TDL), and quantum cascade laser (QCL) devices. Our solutions are always customized to the client’s unique issues and challenges. Optical measurements provide dynamic, near real-time insight into plant operations. We deliver FTIR analytical devices in both open path and extractive configurations. Our environmental consulting services include world class expertise in the areas of industrial flares and hazardous waste combustion. We have specific experience and proven technology in providing real-time emissions monitoring solutions for fence line monitoring networks.
Gold Sponsors 


Alliance Technical Group is the national leader in air emissions monitoring, testing, and analytical services nationwide. Alliance Technical Group continues to expand its footprint in all air-related services, strengthening the company, providing a career path for its more than 700 employees, and offering its customers unmatched service, quality results, and competitive pricing.

Apex Instruments, Inc. has been manufacturing innovative equipment solutions to the source sampling industry for 35 years. With a large range of versatile products and a knowledgeable staff, Apex provides solutions to all your source sampling equipment needs. 

Focus Environmental, Inc., is an environmental engineering consulting firm founded in 1988. Focus specializes in engineering design, technology evaluation, permitting, testing, and operation of thermal treatment and emission control systems.  These services have been provided to clients in a variety of industrial sectors, including the chemical industry, waste management, site remediation, and various types of manufacturing facilities.  Focus managed one of the first successful compliance tests for the demonstration of per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substance (PFAS) destruction efficiency (DE) for a thermal oxidizer.  Focus has also planned and managed the execution of several major PFAS emission testing programs for chemical manufacturing and waste management firms.

Partner offers full-service engineering, environmental and energy consulting and design services throughout the Americas, Europe, and around the globe. Drawing on over 90 years of business experience, our multidisciplinary approach allows us to serve clients at all stages from initial due diligence and design to development and construction, as well as the ongoing maintenance and optimization of a real estate asset. 

Ramboll is a global architecture, engineering and consultancy company, employing more than 16,000 experts. Our globally recognized Environment & Health practice has earned a reputation for technical and scientific excellence and innovation. We are trusted by clients to manage their most challenging environmental, health and social issues.
Silver Sponsors

Battelle is accelerating innovation to address the growing PFAS contamination crisis. Our unmatched technical expertise and years of research have produced a suite of proven solutions, from analysis to remediation.

Texas Molecular is a major, if not the largest, off-site disposal facility for hazardous and non-hazardous aqueous PFAS waste. We have managed over 80 million gallons of PFAS waste including wastewater, reverse osmosis reject, firefighting water, AFFF change-out rinses for industries including PFAS chemicals and products, airlines, refineries, pipelines, and terminals. Texas Molecular has EPA hazardous waste underground injection No Migration Petitions and State RCRA permits and manages all PFAS wastes as if they were hazardous. We inject about 100 million gallons of waste each year at our 24/7/365 operation with 6 unloading pads.  Texas Molecular accepts PFAS waste from all parts of the US  from risk averse clients at our Deer Park, TX facility and has about 100 million gallons per year of available practical capacity for new business.

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