November 2020

This month, EM explores the strengths and limitations of the tools used to accurately quantify background ozone.

Inside This Month's Issue


Strengths and Limitations of Current Tools to Characterize Background Ozone
by Heather Simon and Golam Sarwar

Multiscale Modeling of Background Ozone: Research Needs to Inform and Improve Air Quality Management
by C. Hogrefe, B. Henderson, G. Tonnesen, R. Mathur, and R. Matichuk

Using Satellite Data to Inform Estimates of Background Ozone
 Jessica L. Neu, Kazuyuki Miyazaki, Gregory Osterman, and Kevin W. Bowman

Linking the Trinidad Head, CA, Ozonesonde Profile Record to Surface Ozone Pollution
 Ryan M. Stauffer, Anne M. Thompson, Bryan J. Johnson, Debra E. Kollonige, Annette J. Carlson, Jacob S. Partida, Seyedmorteza Amini, and Toshihiro Kuwayama

Importance of Background Ozone for Air Quality Management
 Daniel A. Jaffe, Arlene M. Fiore., and Terry J. Keating

Also This Month...

Etcetera: Supreme Court Summary
by Anthony B. Cavender

Regulatory Roundup: EPA Attempts to Breathe New Life into the PAL Provisions of Its 2002 NSR Reform Rules
by William H. Haak

YP Perspective: Observations from the Sky: The TEMPO Mission
by Anthony Der Tatevasion

Message from the President: Meeting Challenges

Kim Marcus

Back In Time: A look at the 2004 Critical Review, “Megacities and Atmospheric Pollution” by M.J. Molina and L.T. Molina


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