Special Issues

Special issues of the Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association (JA&WMA) provide a unique venue for grouping and publishing select papers from environmental conferences and research projects. They are a valuable resource to libraries and researchers around the world, presenting a one-stop collection of the most current thinking on important environmental topics.

For conference/project organizers and authors, JA&WMA special issues offer several advantages:

  • Reputation. In print since 1951, JA&WMA is the oldest continuously published, peer-reviewed, environmental journal in the world. JA&WMA is widely recognized as one of the premier publications in the field of air pollution and waste management.
  • Flexibility. The size of the printed journal can be scaled to accommodate the size of the conference/project and the number of manuscripts that pass JA&WMA’s rigorous peer-review process. Note: Basic pricing is based on issues of 136 pages.
  • Guest Editorial. The conference chair, project leader, or whoever else is serving as the Special Issue Coordinator is given the opportunity to prepare a one-page introduction to a sponsored special issue, describing the manuscripts included and their importance to the understanding of the topic.
Three types are available, depending on how many papers you expect and whether you have sponsorship. See the guidelines for details.