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Alliance Technical Group is the national leader in air emissions monitoring, testing, and analytical services nationwide. Alliance Technical Group continues to expand its footprint in all air-related services, strengthening the company, providing a career path for its more than 700 employees, and offering its customers unmatched service, quality results, and competitive pricing.

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Allied Mineral Products, founded in 1961, has grown into a strong global company. Allied serves multiple industries with exceptional service and tailored solutions of refractories and precast shapes. Allied’s global presence includes 12 manufacturing locations, 3 research and technology centers, 7 precast shapes facilities, and 160+ international sales representatives supporting 100 countries. Allied’s unique application testing, design engineering capabilities, and active new product development programs provide each customer with high value solutions.

PFAS air emissions tester, GCI (Grace Consulting, Inc.) is proud of its heritage and almost 40 years of stack testing experience since our initial inception in 1983.  Incorporated as GCI since 2000, the company operates with consistent, quality services provided by over 50 test technicians; certified crew leaders, each with an average 20 years of experience; a fleet of 18 mobile monitoring laboratory trailers; an arsenal of interchangeable and redundant equipment; in-depth QA/QC, safety, & training programs; and multiple nationwide offices to mobilize from; GCI is able to remain flexible and economical for our clients’ scheduling and financial constraints.

Dürr Systems, Inc. is a global supplier of turnkey, multi-pollutant, clean air solutions that meet stringent emissions regulations, improve process performance, and protect downstream equipment.

We offer a comprehensive suite of air pollution control equipment including RTOs, wet ESPs, and wet scrubber technologies for effective control of VOCs, HAPs and particulate matter.

Our aftermarket services include retrofits, rebuilds, spare parts and inspections, ensuring that your system is operating at its maximum efficiency.

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Envitech is a leading supplier of air pollution control systems.   We specialize in removal of particulate and gaseous emissions from industrial processes, including aerosols, heavy metals, dioxin/furans, acid gases, tars, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Our systems include wet electrostatic precipitators, high efficiency Venturi scrubbers, and packed bed absorbers and condensers.

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For over 150 years, HarbisonWalker International’s people and products have stood up to the challenges and pressures of every job. Delivering one of the industry’s widest, deepest lines of refractory solutions, our world-class refractory products perform to the highest degree. HWI maintains one of the most complete portfolios of refractory products for applications in the incineration industry. Brands such as AUREX, RUBY, KORUNDAL, and GUNTECH are the gold standards for even the harshest incinerator environments. No matter what our customers burn, they can rely on us to respond quickly and reliably.

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Water. Environment & Health. Energy. Advanced Manufacturing. With a diverse network of engineers, designers and consultants across the Americas and around the world, Ramboll leverages local and global expertise to create sustainable, comprehensive solutions for clients. See how we do it at

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SOLVAY is an advanced materials and specialty chemicals company. SOLVAir® Solutions is SOLVAY's Air Pollution Control entity that offers and continuously develops competitive and sustainable environmental solutions used for acid gas emissions control through sodium dry sorbent injection. The SOLVAir® Solutions team provides support to engineering companies, equipment providers and end users from project conception through start up and optimization.

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