IT3/HWC Technical Program

40th International Conference on Thermal Treatment Technologies & Hazardous Waste Combustors, September 13-14, 2023, Charlotte, NC

Learn the latest on thermal treatment technologies and hazardous waste policy and solutions

Final Program available! Check out the sessions, speakers, presentations, and more.

Panels and technical sessions will cover:

  • Incineration: What's New?
  • Advancements in PFAS Control Technologies
  • Carbon Capture, Biomass, Bioenergy
  • Advancements in Refractory Design
  • Source Emission Testing Method Updates
  • Advancements in Air & Water Control Technologies

Keynote Presentation: Beneficial Use of Coal Ash‚Äč

Rick Haverland HeadshotRick Haverland, Technical Director, ZAG International

Rick Haverland is currently the Technical Director at ZAG International. Since the mid-'70s, Rick has tested, evaluated, developed and implemented energy recovery from wastes including municipal solid waste, hazardous wastes, scrap tires, sewage sludge, sludges from oil refining, wood waste, plastics and tree and brush trimmings. He has also developed beneficial use markets for coal ash, blast furnace and steel slags, foundry dust and slags, cement kiln dust, spent catalysts and other mineral byproducts. Rick has a BS in Civil Engineering and an MS in Environmental Engineering.