Air Quality Models Technical Program

Explore the latest research and solutions on the Guideline on Air Quality Models

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After the Opening Keynote Plenary featuring experts from the U.S. EPA, technical sessions will cover the latest in modeling technology:
  • Assessment of NO2 Modeling Techniques in AERMOD
  • Building Downwash Updates & Analyses
  • Innovative Modeling Applications & Techniques
  • Prognostic Meteorology in Regulatory Modeling Applications
  • Regulatory Modeling Case Studies
  • Model Development Areas for the AERMOD Modeling System

Tuesday Lunch Presentation: Regulatory Dispersion Modeling: How Far We’ve Come and Where We Could Go
Speaker: Bob Paine, CCM, QEP, Associate Vice President, Environment, AECOM

Town Hall Meeting
A favorite of past Air Quality Modeling Specialty Conferences, the Town Hall provides a forum for attendees to interact with regulators and modeling community stakeholders. The U.S. EPA intends to hold the Clean Air Act mandated 13th Modeling Conference in 2023, and panelists will be given the opportunity to provide their thoughts on the future of the Guideline and continued developments in the field of regulatory atmospheric dispersion modeling. Opening remarks will be followed by a question-and-answer session where attendees can submit questions to the panel.

Panelists include: 
  • Tyler Fox, Group Leader, Air Quality Modeling Group (AQMG), U.S. EPA Office of Air Quality Planning & Standards (OAQPS)
  • Clint Tillerson, Model Development Team Lead, AQMG, EPA OAQPS
  • Jonathan McClung, Senior Engineer, Division of Air Quality, West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection