Technical Program

Check out the exciting keynote, panel, and session topics in the Final Program!  

The opening keynote on Regulatory Perspectives features: 
  • Gregg Hart, Santa Barbara Supervisor and Board Member of the Santa Barbara County APCD
  • Lindsay Buckley, California Energy Commission External Affairs Advisor 
  • Aeron Arlin Genet, Air Pollution Control Officer, Santa Barbara County APCD
  • Heidi Harmon, Mayor of San Luis Obispo
The conference will include two video broadcasts from Michele Gehring, A&WMA President, attending as an official observer at the COP25 (UNFCCC Climate Change Conference) in Madrid, Spain! 

The technical program will include panels on GHG Emissions Analyses within the California Environment Quality Act (CEQA) and Climate Change Modeling and Dynamic Downscaling, and sessions cover: 
  • Emissions Inventory and Emissions Reduction Efforts 
  • Mitigation Strategies
  • Climate Action Plans
  • Waste Management Issues
  • Adaptation 
  • Resiliency Planning