Education Council

The Education Council is responsible for professional development, training, and K-12, secondary, and post-secondary education programs. 

The mission of this Council is to encourage adequate human resources in the fields of air and waste management, improve the knowledge and skills of members and professionals, and exchange information to improve environmental knowledge and decisions.
* The Professional Development Division develops and delivers training programs on leading-edge topics within the realm of air and waste management such as webinars and courses.  

* The Higher Education Division develops student programs to encourage interest in the field, and assists students with higher education through scholarship and awards. 

* The Public Education Division develops and delivers materials used to educate members, environmental professionals, the media, educators, and the general public about environmental issues and encourage members to become actively involved in environmental education efforts.  

All Association members with interest in education and training are encouraged to participate in its activities by joining the committees of the Education Council.

Education Council Organizational Chart

Want to learn more or get involved? Contact the Education Council Chair or Vice Chair for more details.

Shashi K. Pathak

Call for Nominations
2020 Education Council Vice Chair Elections

The Education Council is seeking candidates for the position of Vice Chair, assuming the role beginning January 1, 2020. Applications will be reviewed by a Nominating Committee and qualified candidates will be selected for an election by the Education Council. 

Completed applications are due electronically to Robin Lebovitz at no later than November 25, 2019

2020 Exceptional Education Contributor Award 
Nominations are encouraged for individuals from all backgrounds who have contributed to A&WMA’s educational mission as implemented through its Education Council. Criteria includes A&WMA leadership positions with educational responsibilities (40%); and specific initiatives and/or contributions that have supported A&WMA’s educational mission (60%).

The award recipient will be recognized at the ACE 2020 Student Awards Ceremony in San Francisco.

Please submit electronic nominations that include the candidate’s contact information, professional background, and contributions pertaining to the two award criteria cited above. Self-nominations are also encouraged. The nomination should be no more than 4 pages long with 11 point font.

Submit nominations to by November 22, 2019