Sections and Chapters Council

The Association has long recognized the value of, and critical need for, grassroots regional programs to carry out the functions and objectives of the organization at the local level. The Sections and Chapters Council enables, encourages, and ensures strong local member units throughout the world. 

The purpose of the Council is to provide a conduit of information between sections and chapters and Association leadership.

The Sections and Chapters Council is comprised of a Chair, Vice Chair, Council Standing Committee Chairs, and one representative of each Section and Chapter of the Association.

The six standing committees of the Council are:
* Membership
* Communications
* Annual Reports and Awards
* Legal, Finance, and Governance
* Leadership Development
* Vitality

The Sections and Chapters Council and its standing committees guide and support the work of the local member units in the development of events, activities, and other opportunities for members to meet and interact with other members in the same geographic location. Additionally, the Council supports ongoing leadership development in the local member units through its annual Leadership Training Academy as well as through its library of volunteer resource tools created specifically to assist with functions such as membership recruiting and retention, marketing, governance, and many other areas critical to effective local member unit success.   

POSS: Effectively Using Membership Recruiting and Retention Tools 
(Periodic Online Sharing Session)
Full webinar with audio and slides 
Feb 7 POSS Presentation Slides only 

Member Reports Portal Instructions 

Greg Johnson
Vice Chair
Michele Gehring

Latest issue: October 2018

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