Technical Council

The Technical Council provides the Association with specialized expertise, developing the technical program for the Association’s Annual Conference & Exhibition (ACE), conducting specialty conferences, providing resources for workshops, webinars, joint society-sponsored meetings and seminars, conducting and reporting on state-of-the-art studies, providing technical review capability to governmental and other organizations, and participating with regulatory groups to guide future regulatory direction.

How is the Council organized? The Technical Council is organized into Groups, Divisions, and Technical Coordinating Committees (TCCs). View the committees and groups in your area of expertise to see how you can get involved. 

Technical Council Organizational Chart (updated 3/18/24)

Techncial Council Organizational Structure (updated 10/8/22)
Technical Council Committee Mission Statements and Descriptions (updated 11/2/22)
Technical Council Operations Manual (updated 6/7/21)

Technical Coordinating Committees are volunteer member groups responsible for planning efforts on specific technical topics ranging across Association interests:
  • Ambient Monitoring/Measurements
  • Bioenergy and Waste-to-Energy
  • Chemistry and Modeling
  • Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation
  • Emissions and Pollution Control
  • Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Management
  • Federal/Government Facilities Programs 
  • Health and Ecological Effects
  • Indigenous Environmental Affairs
  • Industrial Processes, including Mineral Extraction, Cement and Manufacturing
  • Legal and Economic Issues of Environmental Programs
  • Municipal and Hazardous Waste Treatment/Processing
  • Nanotechnology Programs and Issues
  • Oil & Gas and Chemical Production
  • Particulates and Visibility
  • Power Generation and Renewable Energy
  • Program Administration & Regulations/Standards
  • Public Participation and Community Monitoring
  • Sustainability and Resource Conservation
  • Toxic Air Pollutants, Risk Assessment, and Odors
  • Transportation Policy, Emissions, and Noise Issues
Each year hundreds of research studies, policy planning sessions, and case studies are presented and discussed at the Association’s Annual Conference & Exhibition, as well as numerous specialty conferences, workshops, and webinars. For additional information on Technical Council activities, including the development of specialty conferences and participation in the planning process for the next Annual Conference & Exhibition, please contact the Technical Council Chair or Vice Chair.